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Pakaraima Mountain Safari 2014

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About the Pakaraima Mountain Safari 2014

1001189_662691190412544_1012213433_nThe Pakaraima Mountain Safari, organized by Mr. Frank Singh, owner of Rainforest Tours in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and the Guyana Tourism Authority,  is set for the 12th-20th April 2014. The Safari has been described by past attendees as a “once-in-a-lifetime adventure into the wild”. The Safari takes you over rugged parts of Guyana never before seen by many, and culminating at the Rupununi Rodeo in Lethem.

Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali said the event will give patrons an understanding of the richness and multifaceted nature of Guyana’s tourism product. “The Pakaraima Mountain Safari is the thrill of life, the embodiment of life… it is the shining hope of nature… the beautiful exposition of the perfect blend of mountains, greenery, waterfalls and creek… that is Guyana… and our tourism product.”

The minister said he is convinced the safari will become the centrepiece of Guyana’s tourism industry. This year’s safari has already attracted tourists from several Caribbean islands and as far away as Canada. 



Safari History 

921027_662676570414006_1341100409_oIt was former Minister Harripersaud Nokta who launched the first safari on March 22, 2003 at a point in the safari known as Nokta point. On Saturday, March 22, 2003, a safari with four Land Rovers, two tractors and trailers with passengers started a historic two-and-a-half-day journey from Karasabai to Orinduik. The safari was led by Nokta and other government officials, along with the commander of the Lethem and Karasabai police stations and 21 other persons.

About Today’s Safari

The journey takes approximately 4-5 days through unfriendly terrain, covering over 600 miles.

On this ultimate trip, you have the opportunity to explore over 14 Amerindian communities, experience rich indigenous culture and enjoy the scenic beauty of our interior savannah. Participants would get a glimpse of the Black Caiman and the elusive jaguar and enjoy bird watching along the route or get a close up view of the Giant Anteater.

Travel across many rivers, hills and mountains and discover the beautiful geological features of the Pakaraima Mountain Range, which is blessed with a wide range of flora and fauna, and enjoy a refreshing dip in the Cheong, Ichilibar and Orinduik Falls.




 Camping tent and battery light (12 volts) Q-Beam
 Blanket
 Insect repellent
 Torchlight (with extra batteries)
 Personal belongings such as warm clothing, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, deodorant,
 Personal medical kit


 All transportation arrangement will be the onus of the Tour Operator
 The Regional facilities will be made available for outdoor sleeping, however it will be
best to pact the following for outdoor sleeping:
• Tents
• Sleeping bags
• Small tarp poling
• Folding cots
• Other appropriate sleeping equipment
 Washroom facilities will be those available at the schools and other regional
facilities in the areas of sleepover.
 Permissions for entry to Amerindian reservations will be arranged by the
Organizers.  All participants of the Safari area advised to be respectful of local cultures and to
display a sense of discipline in Amerindian Communities.

Safari Route

 Orinduik to Kato
 Kato to Monkey Mt
 Monkey Mt to Karasabai
 Karasabai to Lethem
 Lethem to Georgetown

Attractions on the way to Karasabai and the return from Orinduik:
• Linden – the mining town
• Mabura – entry of the forest belt
• The Demerara Woods concession
• Kurupakari Cattle trails, petroglyphs
• Fairview – Amerindian Village (historical artifacts)
• Annai – Rockview
• The Iwokrama Canopy Walkway
• Surama Village
• North Rupununi Savannahs
• Orinduik Falls
• Rupununi Rodeo

We will be passing through a number of other Amerindian Villages in the North Rupununi

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